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My name is Dan and my main focus as a photographer has always been to obtain the essence of the image and make the viewer "feel" as though they have experienced it.

Some have claimed that I have a "good eye" for photography and although there may be some truth to that, I feel my way of "telling the story" through photographs is my best asset.

I own all of my own equipment from cameras, lighting, flashes, and a wide variety of lenses to suit every need.

I provide great headshots/portraits for those who need something plain and simple for business use or I can do something a little more fun and creative for you to use on your My Space and Facebook!

Other aspects of portrait photography that has always been popular is family, senior, new born, maternity and even pets! These are standard shots every photographer under the sun can do. I like to spend a little more time getting to know the subjects and by doing so I make the shoot more personal and unique.

I am able to accommodate those in the fashion industry as well by taking photos of everything from body art, hair, make-up, clothes, or even nails. Some of these are best handled with Macro lenses and I have the best out there!

Sooner or later either yourself or someone you know will need a quality wedding photographer and I am a great choice for such work. With a 300mm lens I am able to capture detail other photographers are unable to without getting in the way. I am also able to take great photos of the reception as all my lenses are designed for excellent low light photography.

One of my favorite things to get involved with is event photography.
Perhaps you have a company golf game or charity event? School graduation? A surprise birthday party? A children's sporting event?
Something that I have enjoyed doing lately is getting involved with the music scene and I love shooting musical performances from solo's to bands!

Perhaps you need some shots taken for products you sell? Do you sell cars? How about things for E-Bay or Craigslist? Do you make your own stuff to sell on-line like clothes or pottery? One of the aspects of business I am getting into these days is taking pictures of homes for realtors and with a very wide angle lens I am an excellent choice for this.

With Vancouver being so popular these days with film shoots it should come as no surprise I also do film production shoots as well and carry a level of professionalism when working on the set at all times.

So as you can see no project is too big or too small for me and I can cover an extremely wide variation of tasks at hand with only the best lenses at my side. For all your photography needs look no further than through the eyes of my lens!

Dan Rickard

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